Self-esteem is more than just the way we feel about ourselves; children with high self-esteem make stable relationships and are more likely to achieve academic success and live a fulfilling life. A child's future well-being could depend on their early experiences. Children need to learn that they are cared for and valued as individuals. "Be Happy to be You" teaches an important lesson that everyone is different and that each of us should be proud of who we are.  

Picture books provide opportunities for parents and teachers to talk about sensitive issues. "Be Happy To Be You!" is about a little bird who needs to learn to be happy with himself as he is instead of trying to be the same as everyone else. Children need to learn to be proud of themselves and their own achievements; everyone is different and children need to know that it is ok to be yourself.

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Mental Health in Primary Schools

The UK Government has announced new plans to make mental health education a compulsory part of the Curriculum in all schools, following a call for parents, teachers and pupils to give their thoughts on what should be included in Relationship and Sex Education Classes.

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